The Quickest Way to Automation

AMI is within your reach. Here’s everything you need to automate your most difficult to read meters. The CYCLOPS AMI Starter Kit provides you with the hardware, the software, and most importantly, the support you need to achieve success. No meter changeouts. No network buildouts. Install today – read today. Contact us to take the next step.

Read Smart.

The CYCLOPS AMI Starter Kit – $1,299 plus shipping

The CYCLOPS AMI Starter Kit Includes:

  • Five (5) Camera-End CYCLOPS AMI Meter Interface Units – Cellular Activation Included
  • CYWEB Meter Data Management Software – Photo and Reading Access
  • Assigned Project Manager for Anytime Support – Your Personal Contact
  • CYCLOPS Installation and Software Training – Remote Online Training
  • One year of Data, Hosting and Licensing Fees

(Offer Valid through 12/31/2022)

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