Smartphone-Based Manual Reading

Photo-Based Fixed Network Reading


Read meters more efficiently and more accurately


Perfect blend of manual and automated reading


Data is stored in the Cloud using encrypted communication


Save 40% with SPMRSMART versus AMR/AMI alternatives

SPMRSMART Is The Fastest Growing Meter Reading System

SPMRSMART is the utility industry’s most comprehensive water, gas and electric meter reading system.

With the SPMRSMART System, you can achieve 100% reading validation.  That means no re-reads and no billing adjustments.  For manual reading, SPMRSMART leverages the widespread use and unrivaled  power of smartphones to streamline and improve your reading operations; and when it’s time to automate, only the CYCLOPS® Meter Interface Unit (MIU) allows you to implement AMI with no meter changes and no network buildout.

The SPMRSMART System fits in your hand, it fits your meter population and best of all, it fits your budget.


Read Transactions Per Month

Manual Reading

Did you know that 85% of Americans
have smartphones? SPMRSMART leverages this
widespread use, plus the power and value of
smartphones to help you achieve maximum
reader productivity and 100% reading validation.


Bold and intuitive interface


Integrated Google Maps for meter locating


Instructions and alerts for maximum productivity


Voice to text notes

Photo-Based Fixed
Network Reading

The CYCLOPS® Meter Interface Unit (MIU)
is an innovative, two-way Advanced
Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution
that provides quick,cost-effective
automation of virtually any water
meter – direct read or encoded output.


Hi-Tech Camera Enclosure


3M High Bond Adhesive, 100% Sealed


Photos Transmit Daily via Verizon LTE-M


It is great being able to take pictures of the meter read and store those in the history of the meter. It avoids having to reread the meter due to high consumption. The Smartphone is light on the hand to carry around and because the information is “live”, the data and the communication between office and field staff is faster and more accurate.

Just a little note to tell you how much we “love” the new system! It has simplified everything; the camera is a great addition for the office.  Our reading time has decreased by at least a day and a half. Also, is so easy to use that requires very little training, if you can use a cell phone you can use the app. Thank you so much!!!

The Smartphone Manual Meter Reading System has been good for us – because it saves time. When a meter reading fails audit, the reader takes a picture of the meter and that keeps us from having to send him back to check the reading again. I also am glad to have pictures of the meter that shows the reading so I can print it to show them.

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