Customer Reviews

Our Customers love SPMR because it solves problems for them. Do you have customers who question their bills? Or, meters that are in dangerous or hard to read locations? Most utilities have ALL of these problems. See how our customers use our SPMR Smartphone-based Manual Reading and CYCLOPS Photo-based AMI systems to resolve this.

Here are just a few images and quotes from our Customers and their experiences using our products.

“The problem we faced with the water meter at our prison was the amount of time it took to gain access and egress to our meter. The CYCLOPS program seemed to be the answer and so far, it is such a great asset to our meter readers by reducing wait time on a really tight schedule. The reading is crystal clear and we are able to see if there is a problem with the meter long before they have used hundreds of thousand gallons with the meter stuck!”

“SPMR has been an absolute game changer, improving the way we go about our business, especially in the way we go about doing business. We now have secure access to web-based route management with real time data transfer to the phones. SPMR has allowed us to meet the needs of our utility customers better than any other system. We are very pleased with all the customer service and support from the SPMR Team. Thank you.”

“Western Heights Water Company decided to use the CYCLOPS units to alleviate some of the manual meter reading by our staff. We plan to phase in more CYCLOPS units with new services in our area and meter swaps. The software training was very good. Tim made sure the office staff was able to see the software and answered all questions. Our field staff found the installation easy. We are confident that this will work well for our company and save us time on the meter reading activities.”




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