Smartphone-Based Manual Reading

SPMR™ (SmartPhone Meter Reading™) is an innovative field data collection system that leverages the widespread use, power and value of smartphones (or tablets) to help utilities of all sizes and types to collect and validate field data, faster and less expensively than ever before.

Because you can get devices quicker and cheaper from great companies like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, etc., we promote a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept.  This gives customers the flexibility to get any supported device they want, at the lowest possible price.  BUT, if you must buy smartphone and/or a plan thru us, then in some instances, we may be able to help.  Ask your SPMR Sales Rep.

Yes. You can transfer a phone license to a new/replacement device at any time. This transfer process only takes a few minutes. And it’s free.

We use an industry standard format that most billing providers support (charges may apply). Ask your billing provider if they support the “Datamatic RouteSTAR” format. If your provider doesn’t support our file format (rare), we can help create an interface (additional charges apply). Or you can use our easy-to-use CSV import formats to get you “reading” as quickly as possible.

We have a full-service call center with experienced and trained personnel. Our call center hours are 7:30 to 5:30 central time. 214-540-5050

We store your data in a professional cloud provider, with 24/7/365 uptime. Your data is completely secure, behind professional firewalls – all data over the air is encrypted so it is virtually impossible to steal.

We’ve built meter reading and work order systems for some of the very biggest utilities, water, gas and electric. Our resources have 200+ years of experience with utility companies of all sizes and types. When you see what we’ve done with SPMR, we think you’ll be sold.

Raw route and reading data are minimal, e.g., about 1 kilobyte per meter. And regardless of your phone’s photo settings, we reduce the images to an average photo size of 100k. With cellular data plans starting at 1Gb, and with most group plans providing “shared” data, we don’t think you’ll run into data problems because of SPMR. Doing the math, it would take almost 10,000 readings and photos per month to reach the minimum 1Gb data threshold. But if you did have data problems, then know that SPMR can be configured to send pics only via Wi-Fi.

We offer online, interactive training by our experienced Customer Service Reps.

Setup is a breeze. Once you have your phones in hand and the billing interface, setup can be done very quickly, often within hours.

Photo-Based Fixed Network Reading

CYCLOPS is an innovative AMI solution that eliminates industry requirements for a) 100% meter replacement and b) the construction and maintenance of AMI infrastructure.

CYCLOPS allows utilities to connect to encoded or to NON-ENCODED aka direct read, analog registers.  And CYCLOPS transmits data daily via existing cellular data networks.  So, CYCLOPS can be installed surgically, rather than systemically – and it can be placed on virtually any water meter.

CYCLOPS comes in 2 connection variations (end types):  1) a Camera End unit that affixes to the register and that intelligently photographs the register’s odometer dials and 2) a Wire End unit that connects directly to encoded output meters.  The Camera End unit is easily installed by cleaning the register and then applying the camera via high bond 3M adhesive material.  The Wire End unit attaches to encoders via waterproof 3M burial pods.

CYCLOPS works with virtually any water meter make, model or type (direct read or encoded output).

CYCLOPS is designed for two (2) battery life options: 10+ years (default, one battery) or 20+ years (special order, 2 batteries). The CYCLOPS’ specially designed housing can hold one (default) or two (special order) long-life batteries to accommodate a variety of Return-on-Investment scenarios.

Yes. The CYCLOPS unit has been designed to allow for a straightforward shop replacement procedure. See CYCLOPS Operating Manual.

Every CYCLOPS unit is warranted for 10 years. 10 Years @ 100% replacement credit. See CYCLOPS Warranty for details.

Yes. All CYCLOPS units are fully potted to prevent water intrusion. The battery is independently encapsulated for maximum protection of the unit’s power source.

The CYCLOPS Camera End unit takes a photo of the meter register and sends the photo to the CYCLOPS Server, which applies proprietary software routines to determine the reading value. The CYCLOPS Wire End unit obtains an encoded reading from the output register and sends the data to the CYCLOPS Server. 

The CYCLOPS transmits every night after midnight via a dedicated channel over existing cellular infrastructure.

No. You don’t need to do anything in regard to cellular contracts or charges directly with cellular providers in your area. These charges are included in your CYCLOPS purchase price.

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