Manage Skips, AMI No-Reads, and Re-Reads Efficiently

  • DriveSmart optimizes driving routes, which are scattered meter points/addresses.
  • DriveSmart is great for optimizing dispersed re-reads, skips, AMI system no reads and work orders.
  • DriveSmart is also perfect for merging manual, walking routes.
  • DriveSmart saves time, makes field reps more productive, saves gas and reduces risk.
  • The more stops you have (up to 200 per rep), the more valuable DriveSmart becomes.

Give DriveSmart a test today; Contact SPMR Support for more information at 214-540-5050.

Un-Optimized Route. Inefficient. Time-consuming. Expensive.

DriveSmart with Driving Route Optimization

Validation Bundle

Manage Reading Data at a Higher Level

  • Let the Validation Bundle™ find questionable readings for you – no more searching or filtering across multiple routes.
  • Find all questionable reads in one report to be able to handle them quickly and efficiently.
  • Get email alerts in real time, solve problems quicker.  No more rush at quitting time.
  • Manage large distance to meter (D2M) reads and have alerts in place for readers in case they are at the wrong location
  • Receive email notifications of completed tasks.

Take your Reading Validation to the next level; Contact SPMR Support for more information at 214-540-5050.


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